Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Celebrate Him Home

         Christmastime. I say I will always get overexcited and waste it out beforehand but I can't hold it in. As as I lay resting from overfeasting and leftoverfeasting on yams and apples and REAL mash potatoes on black friday, I start thinking about Christmas music. I dream about it. I love giving for selfish reasons. It makes me feel good. Just plain good. I try harder than ever during the Christmas season because I want others to feel good and see how happy it makes me. I've been sporting a Pay It Forward rubber bracelet for a bit because I want those I give to to understand that it can do the same for them.  My mother taught me that. My best friend "What" is the perfect exemplar. She would teach me SO MUCH that I could not possibly contain the knowledge she had to give. Most importantly she gave me the fire of learning. The passion to soak in how  everything works.
          Christmas = Music. Amazing music. From holy to secular. From attending Mo Tab Christmas Specials (thanks to my roommate Tyler) to my time singing as a "wait" in the Feast and Revels at the Sir Francis Drake with the Golden Gate Boys Choir to Caroling sometimes with my Family and other times Alumni from the choir to Christmas party and gift shopping sing and dance-a-longs.  I love to share the feeling the music gives me with everyone. Tremendous songs sung in church like Good Christian Men Rejoice or Whence is that Goodly Fragrance Flowing. Soulful Christmas jams like What Christmas Means to Me or This Christmas. Classics like The Christmas Song or Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.  The feeling it gives me is Joy, Happiness, Excitement, Warmness inside the heart and home against the Bitter Cold of winter.
           Most of all Christmas is a word for the greatest of the many special Catholic masses (feasts or celebrations) celebrated on December the 25th; aka Christ's mass. Although more a traditional holiday than an accurate historical birthdate, it is a mass to celebrate the birth of The Anointed One and we'll take it. He showed us how to give and what it would mean to give. It shows love and brings love. While our family listens to Journey to Bethany on vinyl to the dramatized version of Luke 2, I feel the wondering awe sung of in the hymn. A few years back my little niece Ella (as many kids are prone to do) picked up the baby in the manger and asked me "who is this?" Of course I started to tear up and I told her he is the very reason for Christmas; he is our Savior.